Mother Mercy
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We create space rooted in reimagining the purpose, pillars, and processes of our creativity—establishing new direction for its expansion.

Mother Mercy is also a vessel, birthing authentic and evocative work, using an ethos of artistic and intellectual collaboration.


We see how creativity can be a tool.


Our vision requires guided unlearning of fallacies that inhibit spiritual rest & renewal.


With self-realization and community at the core, we are inherently political.


“Ultimately it comes down to making yourself and the people who can share it with you, in some way, more themselves, to make you more yourself, to make human beings more themselves, and therefore, by extension, better, stronger, more real. Isn’t this the function of all art?”




Mother Mercy mindfully cultivates community and seeks meaningful collaborations to ignite introspective thinking and art making.


What I Mean By Mercy

WIMBM is a series of short films produced by Mother Mercy and premiered at Maysles Documentary Center in Harlem, NY on November 11, 2017.

Each film is a visual adaptation of a different yet connected poem written by JME. This project serves as a thinking through, a conceptualization of what mercy is; a remembering and remapping of some ways mercy could be manifested.

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Call to Create (C2C)

One of the ways we cultivate and engage with community to do birthwork is through our Call to Create (C2C), a 10-month immersion program to develop and document the creative process of a small cohort.

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We reserve the right to consistently redefine the vision guiding this work. In the spirit of experimentation, our goal is to remain fluid as we hold & push culture.



Mother Mercy’s mission is reflective of an evolving awareness & capacity to do birthwork.


As an incubator, we:


Protect & sustain our ability to be in community;



Teach ourselves about spiritual rest & renewal;



Grow authentic language to identify and communicate evocative ideas.